Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

The nursery is a 26 place nursery morning and afternoon. We offer a flexible service, which does allow for full days and lunchtime sessions at nursery. Presently, we are open full days and lunchtimes on a Tuesday and Wednesday. This may change depending on allocated numbers and will be published at the beginning of each academic year.

We operate an enriched environment where children develop through a play based curriculum to acquire skills to become successful learners. Objectives are linked to early learning goals. The nursery has an attached specialist speech and language resource called, EEYP (Enhanced, Early Years Provision). This is a service where children are referred for additional support with speech and language by speech and language therapists. The environment within the nursery in inclusive and promotes communication.

Ofsted Report

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Term Dates

Information is available for both the 2015/16 and 2016/17 Academic years.

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Newsletter 14/01/2016

21st Mar 2016

Stars of the week Mrs Faulkner— Joshua Scott Mrs Suggett— Harley Helm Mrs Mortimer— Fabian Firman Miss Pinder— Ellie Robertson ...

Newsletter 03/03/2016

3rd Mar 2016

Stars of the week Mrs Faulkner— Kyle Galbriath Mrs Suggett—Oliver Johnson Mrs Mortimer— Reece Patton Miss Pinder— Finley Johnson Mrs ...

Newsletter 04/02/2016

4th Feb 2016

Stars of the week Mrs Faulkner— Thomas Harrison Mrs Suggett—Lottie Bishop Mrs Mortimer— Rosie Li Miss Pinder— Joseph Groves Mrs ...

Newsletter 28/01/2016

28th Jan 2016

Stars of the week Mrs Faulkner— Rose Crosby Mrs Suggett— Mia Hatfield Mrs Mortimer— Rachel Travill Miss Pinder— James Bailey ...